Wright Family Foundation is a registered Charitable Trust.

The Wright Family Foundation’s current areas of focus include early childhood care, child health services, and offering primary birthing options.

For the last 18 years, Chloe and Wayne Wright have built New Zealand’s largest privately owned Early Learning Childcare organisation, Best Start (formerly Kidicorp).

This stemmed from a desire to make a positive difference in New Zealand society by helping to promote and demonstrate to our youngest members the values of collaboration, sharing, and kindness. We believe that in the earliest years of a child’s life, it is far more about relationships than skills that prepare the way for confident, able people to enter the world stage.

In January 2015 Best Start was transferred to the ownership of the Wright Family Foundation. It marked the beginning of the Foundation, which is committed to reinvesting in the future of New Zealand citizens where the need is greatest.


Significant financial support to Plunket is a key focus of the Foundation. We share Plunket’s vision of providing the best start in life for the children of New Zealand.


The Foundation is the sole sponsor of this initiative founded by Janet Lucas 11 years ago. The NZ Spelling Bee currently encompasses over 1000 schools across the country (and some adult education classes too). Year 9 and 10 students compete to win the prize of top speller.

We currently supply spelling resources to over 1000 schools throughout the country, as well as to adult education initiatives.  Our vision is to create articulate readers and writers who may go on to higher education with confidence.


An annual literature quiz for students aged 10-13 years, the quiz has heats in New Zealand, the UK, South Africa, Canada, China, USA, Singapore, Australia, and Hong Kong. Winning teams qualifying for national and world finals. The Wright Family Foundation is proud to support the finals to be held in New Zealand in 2016.

N.B. The NZ Spelling Bee and the Kids’ Lit Quiz are open to ALL students in the respective age range within the New Zealand school system.


The Wright Family Foundation funds birthing centres. Founder Chloe Wright is an advocate, activist, and educator with a heart for women's wellbeing. A return to primary birthing - birthing without intervention - is one of her imperatives.

"I want for women to have viable choices, and to feel empowered through the strength of their bodies and minds," explains Chloe.
"We have founded and funded the Bethlehem Birthing Centre with a view to promoting primary birthing within New Zealand. This has evolved from a desire to give women choice, empowerment, a time for nurturing, respect, and mothercraft during and in the days after birth.”

Birthing centres are also being developed in Palmerston North, Lower Hutt and South Auckland , and the foundation is investigating further sites for primary birthing in New Zealand.


The Plain English Awards are a public pat on the back for plain English champions. They help raise the bar for clear communication. Each year organisations and members of the public are invited to submit documents and websites that they think are outstanding examples of plain English — or examples of gobbledygook. Independent panels of plain English experts and advocates judge the entries and decide the finalists and winners in each category. The Awards are organised by the WriteMark Plain English Awards Trust and aim to improve government and business documents so that all New Zealanders can understand them; raise public awareness of the need for, and benefits of, plain English; create a public preference for organisations that choose to communicate in plain English.


The Wright Family Foundation is proud to support the House of Science with a significant annual donation to enable this charitable trust, which was established in Tauranga in 2013, to expand nationwide.

The House of Science has a vision to raise scientific literacy in local communities. Its main focus is on empowering early childhood and primary school teachers with resources and confidence to enable them to foster curiosity through hands-on science activities.

An additional donation from the Wright Family Foundation has enabled the translation of the House of Science educational resources into Te Reo.


The Wright Family Foundation is a foundation member and sponsor of the NZ Bumblebee Conservation Trust (NZBCT). This new charitable trust was established to promote the conservation and long-term future of bumblebees in New Zealand. Its mission is to educate Kiwis about the critical necessity of bees in creating food for people.


The Wright Family Foundation supports the Tauranga branch of the Graeme Dingle Foundation (formerly Foundation for Youth Development), with a significant contribution over three years.

These funds, the highest from any private supporter, are enabling the Graeme Dingle Foundation to establish its Stars programme. Using a mentoring model, matching trained Year 12 and 13 students with pupils in Year 9, the teens work together on a number of projects, including adventure camp, community adventure and charitable ventures.

Through these, the younger students build positive relationships, integrity and resilience for the world ahead as they move into secondary school, while the seniors develop their leadership, time management, planning and communication skills – a win-win for both youth and mentor.


Brainwave Trust Aotearoa’s vision is that all children in New Zealand are valued and nurtured so they can reach their full potential.

Its aim is to educate everyone who has an impact on the early life of a child about the important implications of this knowledge on our children’s physical, social, intellectual and emotional development.

The Wright Family Foundation has recently partnered with Brainwave and will contribute in a significant way. The foundation’s focus is providing funding to enable families, schools or school groups, who couldn’t otherwise afford the fees, to attend Brainwave’s workshops and programmes.


The Parenting Place is a charity with a heart for New Zealand families. It shares with the Wright Family Foundation a belief that healthy, loving families can transform society. The foundation is contributing in a substantial way to this charity with a heart for New Zealand families. The foundation’s focus is providing funding to enable families, schools or school groups, who couldn’t otherwise afford the fees, to attend Parenting Place workshops and programmes.


The Wright Family Foundation supports SuperGrans Western Bay of Plenty Charitable Trust. The foundation’s support enabled the branch, based in Katikati, to launch in March 2017, paying for the salary of an establishment coordinator, as well as set-up and operation costs for a year.

SuperGrans is a national organisation that aims to share the skills and experience of people who have brought up families (‘SuperGrans’ and Grandads) with those who are just starting out. Mentors are trained and matched with individuals, groups or young families who could benefit from their guidance and support in their daily lives, typically with growing food, wise shopping, crafts, cooking or preparing for employment.  SuperGrans’ mission of ‘helping people flourish’ is aligned with the foundation’s ethos of ‘growing the good’ through education.


The Wright Family Foundation supports Roots of Empathy New Zealand.

Roots of Empathy is an evidence-based classroom programme that has shown significant effect in reducing levels of aggression and bullying among school children, while raising social/emotional competence and increasing empathy. The result is relationships that are more respectful and caring, and reduced levels of bullying and aggression. Its mission is to build caring, peaceful, and civil societies through the development of empathy in children and adults.


Distributions by the Foundation shall be limited to New Zealand and any distributions shall be made within New Zealand. There is no provision for any member of the Wright family to financially benefit from the Foundation. Their time commitment to the Foundation is voluntary.