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The early years of a child’s life are a crucial and unique opportunity in their development.

As parents, whanau and caregivers, we have the power to make a difference.

We can all set the stage for a child’s lifelong health and intellectual development during this time of enormous potential.

“It’s not about genes, or alphabets, or numbers or colours, it’s about love and interaction. The more love and interaction a baby experiences in the early years, the more developed their brain will be. So it’s love that grows brains.” Nathan Wallis

What is Love Grows Brains about?

The Wright Family Foundation created the Love Grows Brains campaign to inspire New Zealand families.

A series of 20 clips feature real families and are designed as public messages to show the critical importance of talking, reading, singing and interacting with babies and young children.

The clips shows ‘magic moments’ between parent and child. Experts in child development also donated their time to appear in the clips.

“Just spend time with your babies. Talk to your babies. Interact with your babies. Play with your babies. Do all of those special things with your babies. The housework can wait! But spending time with your baby will develop your baby’s brain. And then we have a lovely, secure child growing up with good self-control, good self-regulation, that grows up to be a super competent person who, in turn, parents well themselves.” Gaye Tyler-Merrick

Love Grows Brains

“The first 1000 days shape the rest of our lives.”
(Nathan Wallis)

Children Need Love

“80% of a child’s brain development has happened by age three.” (Lance O’Sullivan)

Outside Curious

“Make every moment a learning moment.”

Counting is Everywhere

“Use numbers – they’re everywhere.”

Language Head Start

“Start conversations early.”

Make The Time

“The best gift is time.”

What Happens Before the Age of Three?

“The Dunedin Longitudinal Study has proved that adult outcomes are determined by early childhood experiences.”

New Words

“Talk, read and sing to your children.”

Freedom and Protection

“Encourage your children to explore.”

Dad is Important

“Choose good role models.”

Multi-language Brain

“Celebrate Language.”

Mum in Shop

“Involve your children.”

Fully Formed Sentences

“Talk with your children.”

Collecting Eggs

“Children learn by doing.”

Words have Power

“Choose positive words.”

Music Grows Brains

“Make music as a family.”

Forming Pathways

“Create positive experiences.”

Encourage new Experiences

“Extend and encourage.”

I am, I can, I have

“Love me, protect me, encourage me.”


“Invest time.”

Language Gift

“Wrap language around children.”

Stories Before Bed

“Share moments.”

Love Grows Brains Compilation

“Love Grows Brains”

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