Wright Family Foundation is a registered Charitable Trust.

People Matter

For a person to prosper they need roots and wings. Strong roots of security, traditions and strength enable a person to discover a sense of self, grow wings and fly.

The Foundation

The Wright Family Foundation was instigated from a heartfelt drive to enable individuals to achieve their full potential through education in its widest and most varied forms.

The objective is to benefit New Zealand communities and youth, and to promote family wellbeing and relief from hardship, by advancing education and spreading knowledge. It is the culmination of many years spent in the service of making a difference in the lives of children. For the last 18 years, Chloe and Wayne Wright have built New Zealand’s largest privately owned Early Learning Childcare organisation, Best Start, (formerly Kidicorp).

This stemmed from a desire to make a positive difference in New Zealand society by helping to promote and demonstrate to our youngest members the values of collaboration, sharing, and kindness. We believe that in the earliest years of a child’s life, it is far more about relationships than skills that prepare the way for confident, able people to enter the world stage.

In January 2015 Best Start was transferred to the ownership of the Wright Family Foundation, a charitable trust. It marked the beginning of the Foundation, which is committed to reinvesting in the future of New Zealand citizens where the need is greatest. Through health and educational initiatives our goal is to improve the wellbeing of New Zealanders and their communities. 

Who benefits? Firstly, all of society. Secondly, individuals who may not have achieved their potential to lead a full and joyful life due to inhibiting circumstances from their past. Examples might be a young (single) mother caught in a web of low income, lack of confidence, no qualification; or a young man leaving school unable to read, thereby inhibiting his ability to be a fulfilled constructive member of society. Every person has a story; together we aim to create a pathway to a happy ending.

People Matter Television Campaign

We’ve travelled New Zealand to bring you brief moments of insight into people’s lives, which we hope might simply encourage everyone take a moment to pause and think.